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For nearly thirty years, Check Point has set the standard for Cyber Security. Across the ever-evolving digital world, from enterprise networks through cloud transformations, from securing remote employees to defending critical infrastructures, we protect organizations from the most imminent cyber threats. Check Point Security Consulting leverages this experience along with independent frameworks, such as NIST CSF, SABSA and Zero Trust Architecture, to provide advisory and assessment services to the company’s global customer community.


Our Methodology and Building Blocks

Our Methodology and Building Blocks

Check Point Security Consulting Services help customers understand and adapt to trends impacting the information technology and cyber security markets. Our offerings operate in two primary domains: Assessments and Architecture. Assessment engagements follow NIST CSF principles to identify risk within network, endpoint as well as public and private cloud use cases along with Vulnerability scanning and IR/SOC readiness analysis. Architectural engagements foster dialog around Zero Trust and include design and modeling sessions intended to help customers formalize next generation security frameworks.

Check Point Enterprise
Security Framework

Underpinning all of our workshops is a security framework built on independent methodologies, such as SABSA and Zero Trust, as well as Check Point’s practical experience protecting enterprise information systems. This combination enables organizations of all sizes and industries to envision a security architecture that evolves with the changing security landscape while embracing well-formulated processes and accountability guidelines.


Check Point Enterprise Security Framework

Enterprise Security Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Workshop

The Enterprise Security Architecture program provides a unique opportunity for organizations around the world to review their current and future security programs with Check Point’s most senior consultants. During these multi-day sessions the teams examine the organization’s business processes, security strategies, design, deployment and operational methods and compare these with industry and Check Point’s best practices. The outcome of the sessions is a customized security architecture intended to help ensure resilience to evolving attacks as well as optimized operational costs, consolidated controls and streamlined management, monitoring and maintenance practices.

Cloud Transformation Advisory

Information Technologies are rapidly transforming to new, “digital” concepts. Areas such as Infrastructure as a Service, Platform and Function as a Service, as well as migrations to public cloud providers are top of mind and impact the field of cyber security in very significant ways. Organizations are evaluating long-held operational models and business processes and envisioning future states where software operates corporate IT systems autonomously and code replaces traditional technology form factors. Check Point’s Cloud Transformation Advisory services provide an efficient and thorough platform for transitioning corporate security programs to a digital future. Our advisors help customers understand the security design patterns of multiple cloud use cases (Public/Private IaaS, security of cloud and through cloud, and many more) and provide practical guidance for how best to implement the changes needed to progress through the transformation process.

Advanced Cyber Security Assessment

Check Point also provides pure-play consulting services that enable organizations to prepare for compliance and audit activities and accelerate their maturity benchmarking efforts. Our assessment offerings include:

  • Assurance reviews based on industry standard frameworks, such as NIST 800-53, NIST CSF and CIS
  • Cloud security posture engagements based on best practices from AWS, Azure and Google
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration tests on external and internal zones, including compromise assessments
  • Comprehensive security posture assessments, including incident preparation, tabletop exercises and SOC design reviews

Advanced Cyber Security Assessment

Service Security Architecture Workshop Advanced cyber security Assessment Advanced cyber security assessment + Pen Testing and Compromise analysis
Price Free Paid service Paid service
Security Architecture Review

  • Cloud/Network Security Workshop based on Check Point Enterprise Security Framework and Zero-Trust modeling
Cloud Transformation Consulting

  • Public and Private cloud (IaaS) security transformation consulting, recommendations and best practices.
  • Lift and Shift / SASE / SD-WAN
Cloud Native Security Architecture for DevOps advisory

  • Shift-Left / Kubernetes / Openshift
  • CI/CD security integration
  • Container Security
  • Public/Private cloud, Serverless, DevOps
Cloud Cyber Security Assessment

  • NIST CSF V.1.
  • NIST 800-53
  • CIS v1.2
Vulnerability Assessments

  • Web Application vulnerability scanning
  • Attack surface analysis
Incidence Response Assessments

  • SOC/XMDR analysis and readiness
Compromise Assessment

  • Compromise and Threat Assessment
  • Full Audit
  • Table-top exercises
  • Documentation and process review
Manual penetration testing and breach simulation

  • Ethical hacking
  • Network Cyber Resilience Testing and public web scanning
The Report Including:

  • NIST Assessment
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Best Practices
  • Architectural Diagrams


Security Workshop Timeline

Architectural Resource


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