Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Futureproofing with Endpoint Security
and Quantum
Check Point security solutions provide MOTORTECH with extensive protection against the latest cyber threats

We need a dynamic partner who can offer flexibility and handle all the latest threat scenarios. Thanks to the Check Point solutions that we have in place today, we can now do this.”
Marcus Morig, Head of IT, Motortech

MOTORTECH is a leading international manufacturer of components and accessories for the gas engine industry and has a workforce of more than 250 employees worldwide. It is among the most efficient system suppliers in the industry, offering customers throughout the world a complete range of products for all popular gas engines regardless of brand or type of fuel.

Dynamic solutions to counter threat scenarios

Specialist manufacturer MOTORTECH reviews the security market on an annual basis to ensure sufficient protection of its sensitive data, focusing primarily on current and future threats. Today, cyber threats go far beyond the interception and theft of data. The company’s sensitive data must be protected from unauthorized external access to prevent the encryption, deletion, and compression of internal data by malware. “The authenticity and availability of our data is important,” says Marcus Morig, Head of IT at MOTORTECH

For the past four years, MOTORTECH has been working with Check Point to counter the changing threat situation with effective solutions. According to Morig, “We need a dynamic partner with a handle on all the latest threat scenarios. Check Point is the right partner.” Of the potential solutions, Check Point Threat Emulation Protection was the best fit for the processes and operations within the company. It also allowed MOTORTECH to leverage synergies, enabling the use of the Check Point Endpoint Security solution beyond the security gateway in the future.

User groups can be granted specific freedoms

To protect its data from the latest malware, MOTORTECH opted for the Check Point security gateways, the implementation of which went very smoothly.

Some time ago, the company switched to the Check Point Harmony Endpoint solution, which protects data from encryption mechanisms, both on internal hard drives and on mobile devices. For example, USB devices are scanned before activation, and all attachments are verified. Check Point Endpoint Security also guarantees important security standards by ensuring that devices meet a specific security level. The company makes full use of advanced threat prevention. The solution allows specific user groups to be defined, which can, in turn, be granted specific freedoms.

With the Check Point Quantum Next Generation Firewall, MOTORTECH can deploy threat prevention functions at all points in the infrastructure. It also significantly speeds up the efficiency of security operations, while simultaneously preventing and blocking attacks.

Extremely high level of security thanks to individual settings

As Marcus Morig explains: “Our workload has reduced because we use the same server for the gateway. The solution allows us to go into a greater level of detail.” He mentions, in particular, the straightforward basic configuration and the fact that specific scenarios can be set. “Check Point Quantum affords us an incredible security advantage as we are able to tighten some parameters while relaxing others.”

The Check Point Quantum Next Generation Firewall was subjected to thorough testing. During the tests, all attacks were detected and responded to accordingly. “The level of security is extremely high; the system aced every test,” Morig concludes. To date, there have been no security incidents.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020, Check Point’s solutions helped the company deal with the major security challenges. Many users had to work from home overnight, most using their own devices. The Check Point Endpoint Security VPN feature ensured that the security of data was still protected thanks to secure data transfer between private devices and the corporate network.

“We were able to respond relatively quickly because we were already better prepared. Check Point has made it easy for us to set up a good solution quickly. We mapped it through the VPN and gateway, meaning that the employees were able to create a VPN connection from a website without requiring a client.”

As the significance of mobile and dynamic working grows, explains Morig, the company is keeping in mind both mobile security and mobile workspace for the future. “The amount of mobile working as a percentage in companies is set to increase significantly. We need to change and focus on more secure solutions that offer greater flexibility. Thanks to the Check Point solutions that we have in place today, we can now do this. Our products are scalable in this respect.”

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