Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Grupo Telvista Virtualizes Security with CloudGuard Network Security and Increases Reliability, Protection, and Management Simplicity

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security gives us peace of mind. We can easily meet our security goals and support clients’ accreditation requirements with stability, reliability and high performance. It’s a great savings for our company.”
— Juan Manuel Briones, Computer Systems Engineer,


Headquartered in Tijuana B.C., México, with offices in Mexicali, Mexico City and Allen TX., Grupo Telvista, is a leader in contact center solutions. The company provides bilingual contact center, social media, omnichannel, and IT solutions that help clients meet their customer experience objectives. Grupo Telvista serves clients in technology, telecommunications, travel, financial services, retail, and other industries.

Business Challenge

Gaining the Efficiencies of Cloud
Cloud computing offers convenient access to shared capabilities and assets for Grupo Telvista and its clients. The company migrated to a private cloud infrastructure based on VMware ESXi virtualized machines to reduce costs, simplify infrastructure management, and increase business resilience. At the same time, Grupo Telvista helps clients migrate existing premises-based services and applications to the cloud to gain efficiencies.

“As a solutions provider, we integrate with a wide range of client applications,” said Juan Manuel Briones, Computer Systems Engineer for Grupo Telvista. “Many are virtual. Most process customer and regulated financial data, such as credit card information. We needed to ensure that our cloud-based applications and services are secure.”

Robust security defenses were essential to protect the company and its clients’ data. At the same time, security had to be easy to manage. With multiple security analysts responsible for protecting different regions and applications, the solution had to include automation.


Maximizing Cloud Security
Grupo Telvista chose Check Point CloudGuard Network Security to protect its virtualized environment. CloudGuard provides industry-leading threat prevention and automated security across seven virtualized security gateways in the Telvista private cloud. With CloudGuard, Grupo Telvista ensures dynamic security that prevents lateral spread of threats while consolidating visibility and management across virtual networks.

CloudGuard delivers best-in-class Firewall, DLP, IPS, Application Control, IPsec VPN, Antivirus, and Anti-Bot protection. SandBlast adds Threat Extraction and Threat Emulation for zero-day attacks. Threat Extraction removes exploitable content and promptly delivers sanitized content to users. Threat Emulation uses advanced sandbox technologies to prevent infections from new malware and targeted attacks while being virtually immune to evasion techniques.

“We liked the blade architecture of CloudGuard Network Security,” said Briones. “We use all of the blades to protect client information, such as credit card details, as well as to defend against zero-day threats like malware. CloudGuard also gives us access to tools like the Check Point Infinity portal for simplifying management.”

Unified Security Management provides consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting across gateways in a single pane of glass. The Grupo Telvista team can work in their respective environments concurrently with high performance and responsiveness.

“Each Telvista team member has a different role,” said Briones. “Check Point allows us to easily work with our analysts in other locations. Multiple people can work simultaneously—either continuously or for short periods of time—as we manage our environment.”


Automated Threat Visibility
“Check Point threat prevention has been very beneficial for us,” said Briones. “We monitor security 24 hours a day. We observe all logs going through from our internal network to the outside. This enables us to capture any malware detected within the network. Check Point automatically alerts us when it detects unusual events coming from the outside.”

A Safe, Stable Perimeter
A completely virtual environment and management platform has proven to be highly reliable. Deep visibility into every area of the security environment keeps the perimeter safe. In the meantime, Grupo Telvista has reduced the energy costs associated with multiple dispersed, on-premises security environments.

“In the event of a network failure, we are still protected,” said Briones. “Our virtual platforms continuously back themselves up. If anything happens, we simply jump from our current point to the last virtual backup. Virtualizing security significantly increases the stability of our environment.”

At the End of the Day
Thanks to the centralized management environment, Briones’ team can easily manage all of the teams and resources across the company’s infrastructure. At a glance, team members can monitor firewall performance, be notified of threats, and effectively manage resources. All tools are accessible at a touch.

“Check Point CloudGuard Network Security gives us peace of mind,” said Briones. “We can easily meet our security goals and support clients’ accreditation requirements with stability, reliability and high performance. It’s a great savings for our company.”

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