Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

German Engineering Specialist Strengthens Threat Prevention and Halves Administration Time with Check Point

“We researched the market and found Check Point to be the best overall solution. It convinced us it had the most effective unified approach to cybersecurity.”
—Marcus Morig, Head of Information Technology, Motortech



Motortech is a leading German engineering specialist, manufacturing parts and accessories for all types of gas engines. The business operates throughout the world, with over 300 employees.

Business Challenge

Protecting a connected, global operation

Motortech operates in an increasingly connected, global marketplace. While based in Germany, it has operations throughout the world, and is working more closely with international customers.

Protecting itself against cyber threats is a priority. The business creates, shares and develops critical engineering designs, which form the basis of its valuable IP. It is also a vital link in a global supply chain; in reputational terms, Motortech cannot afford to be seen as a weak link.

“It is important that cyber threats are controlled, blocked or dismissed before they reach the end-user,” says Marcus Morig, Head of Information Technology, Motortech. “We want our trained experts to manage security threats, not our end- users.”


Comprehensive Coverage for Financial Services Networking

“ABBank has deployed a Check Point’s security solution acknowledging the efficiency and trustworthiness of Check Point, who is one of the top vendors for cyber security in the market. The versatile solutions provide maximum protection against unknown threats and zero-day attacks. A full array of integrated security features allows the bank to tailor its security capabilities to its specific needs” said Antonis Hassiotis.

“With the various protection tools that Check Point offers we have increased our security posture” said Yiannis Kanonis, Information Security Officer, Aegean Baltic Bank.

Check Point Quantum Security Gateways are designed to secure encrypted traffic “HTTPS inspection is a requirement nowadays because 80 percent of the traffic on the internet is encrypted,” said Antonis Hassiotis. “It’s paramount to be able to check the content the Bank’s users have access to and all internal and external environments they are communicating with. We chose Check Point because it’s very good at that.”

Unlocking More Efficient Administration

Simple, unified management is essential. “Check Point offers centralized management to the administrators, giving them the ability to identify blocked traffic and investigate suspicious events,” said Yiannis Kanonis. “Its support for concurrent administration helps make our day-to-day work more efficient.”
Consolidated cybersecurity

Motortech implemented a complete Check Point solution, based around SandBlast and Security Management R80.10. This combined solution gives Motortech peace of mind that potential cyber security threats are prevented from even entering the business, whilst giving the IT team complete visibility of all network activity.

Check Point Security Management R80.10 provides integrated visibility and clearer security insights, lowering the complexity of managing cyber security. It enables Morig to create single unified policies for all networks and cloud objects, with enhanced performance productivity delivered through policy automation capabilities.

Check Point SandBlast automatically cleans all email attachments entering the business, preventing security threats without placing responsibility in the hands of the end-user. This was a deciding factor for Motortech; “We researched the market and found Check Point to be the best overall solution,” says Morig. “It convinced us it had the most unified approach to cyber security.”

Morig says implementation went smoothly, “We wanted a period of adjustment, but the Check Point systems were very intuitive. The management interface is very good. It’s now in place for 300 users across three locations, monitoring internet traffic, email, data transfers and file sharing.”

He is also complimentary about Check Point’s expertize and services: “All very positive, we have a direct line of communication with Check Point. And the training and webinars were excellent.”


Threat reduction and centralized management

Motortech cyber security is now reinforced with Check Point. Morig says SandBlastTM, Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction and Data Loss Prevention are the most used features.

Working with Check Point delivers 15% more value than working with previous suppliers. He says cyber threats are no longer an issue with Check Point.

The centralized management platform makes it far easier to determine bespoke security rules, he continues: “We’re now able to control different data for different uses. We can create specific rules for different systems, which helps enormously in terms of compliance. We have everything managed from one surface. It’s halved our administration time.”

The next step, Morig adds, is to secure all mobile endpoints with Check Point SandBlast Mobile: “Our experience with Check Point makes the decision easier. With Check Point we have a solution with products and strategy we can leverage into the future.”

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