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What is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

A cloud access security broker (CASB) is on-premises or cloud-based software that sits between a cloud service consumer and a cloud service provider. It serves as a tool for enforcing an organization’s security policies through risk identification and regulation compliance whenever its cloud-residing data is accessed.

The reliability of this watchdog tool to prevent data theft and stop malware and other threats from infiltrating a system helps increase confidence about cloud service usage in general. Cloud service consumers have already seen the positive results of using it. In fact, it’s becoming one of the most important additions to an organization’s security.

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What is Cloud Access Security Broker

Why Are CASBs Important?

A CASB is a gatekeeper that helps organizations monitor and safely use cloud services, while ensuring that network traffic complies with that organization’s security policies and regulations. With these extraordinary tools in place to safeguard data, cloud application-use across various platforms is visible to consumers. In addition, those actors who pose a threat are identified, so that the threat of security violation can be stopped in its tracks.

How Do CASBs Work?

CASBs use auto-discovery to identify the cloud applications that are in use as well as the various risk factors that could impact an organization. Designed to be vigilant as well as proactive, they protect organizations via firewalls, authentication, and data loss prevention.

What Kinds of Security Policies Can CASBs Enforce?

Examples of security policies that they can enforce include:

1. Authentication

2. Single sign on

3. Authorization

4. Alerting

5. Ability to see authorized and unauthorized cloud usage

6. Credential mapping

7. Device profiling

8. Encryption

9. Tokenization

10. Logging

11. Malware detection/prevention

The Future of CASBs

Cloud service providers currently run extremely secure operations. As a matter of fact, most security failures are caused by customer security errors and not by cloud service provider security issues. As a result, according to the extensive research done in 2018 by Gartner®, 60 percent of large enterprises are predicted to choose a CASB as the primary protector of their data within the next three years.


With the assurance of a successful future for cloud service security, there is no reason for customers to be nervous about using the cloud for their data. In fact, with CASBs, the most comprehensive threat assessment, protection and remediation are now available, elevating cloud usage to new heights, and enabling it to be the most secure way an organization can handle its data.

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