Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Check Point Harmony dramatically improved our ability to prevent attacks on endpoints and email. We can confidently ensure that files, endpoints, and credentials are safe.”
—Eric Chung, IT Director, Regina Miracle


Founded in 1998, Regina Miracle International Holdings Limited Group innovates, designs, and manufactures a wide range of intimate wear, sportswear, and personal protective equipment. Globally recognized brands rely on the company’s strong research and development capabilities.

Business Challenge

Stemming the Tide of Attacks
As an Innovative Design Manufacturer, Regina Miracle provides integrated services ranging from product concept design, material development, technology development, and specification design to production. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company’s research and development operations are located in Shenzhen, China with with production facilities in both China (Shenzhen) and Vietnam (Hai Phong and Hung Yen). To keep production humming, Regina Miracle’s IT team is responsible for managing and securing more than 7000 endpoints and users.

Until recently, Regina Miracle relied on Microsoft protection for its Office 365 Email solution and Trend Micro for endpoint security. However, neither of these solutions were keeping pace with rapid increases in email phishing and malware attacks. Since the pandemic began, phishing campaigns targeting webmail and SaaS applications became the most significant threat to the company. The company was experiencing continuous attacks by known and previously unknown threats.

“The attack volume and frequency increased risk to our organization,” said Eric Chung, IT Director for Regina Miracle. “Catching, diagnosing, and remediating threats across our remote and virtual desktop environment also significantly increased the burden on our team. We needed better defenses with comprehensive visibility into the threats targeting our environments.”


Fast, Comprehensive, and Effective
The company began evaluating potential solutions. After requesting a demo from Check Point, Chung and his team watched how Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration detects and blocks the most advanced phishing attacks across inbound and internal communications before they reach users. Harmony Email & Collaboration provides the industry’s best catch rate for malware. Its threat emulation and threat extraction technologies deliver clean files to users within 1.5 seconds. It also analyzes all historical emails in order to determine prior trust relations between senders and receivers, increasing the likelihood of identifying user impersonation or fraud. Additional protection against account takeover and data leaks protects users and their credentials.

Chung’s team also viewed Check Point Harmony Endpoint. This complete security solution protects users’ PCs and laptops, preventing the most imminent threats, including ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks. A zero-phishing feature identifies and blocks phishing sites in real time and protects against previously unknown phishing sites. High catch rates and the ability to shut down threats before they cause damage greatly simplify the IT team’s job.

Harmony Endpoint and Harmony Email & Collaboration are built on Check Point Infinity architecture, which combines real-time threat prevention, shared intelligence, and the most advanced security across networks, clouds, endpoints, and mobile devices. Infinity also provides simple, scalable, unified security management across all environments, enabling the IT team to detect, respond, and stop attacks with 99.9% precision.

“We were highly impressed by the demos,” said Chung. “We quickly performed a POC and chose Check Point for its industry-leading catch rate, comprehensive visibility into threats, and its seamless deployment.”

Today, Harmony Endpoint protects 7250 endpoints across the company’s sites in China and Vietnam. Harmony Email and Collaboration secures inbound, outbound, and internal email from 7000 users. Chung’s team secures and manages the entire infrastructure through Check Point Infinity Portal—a scalable, elastic, and cloud-based platform.


Advanced Protection Prevents Threats
Harmony Endpoint and Harmony Email & Collaboration protect users from cyber threats across all attack vectors—whether a phishing attempt, malicious email attachments, or zero-day ransomware. Autonomous detection and response enable Chung’s team to ensure that attacks are stopped before they can affect users or do damage.

“Check Point Harmony dramatically improved our ability to prevent attacks on endpoints and email,” said Chung. “We can confidently ensure that files, endpoints, and credentials are safe.”

Infinity Portal Simplifies Operations
The Infinity Portal greatly simplified day-to-day operations for Chung’s team. This unified security management platform provides a single-pane view of all activity for proactive visibility across the environment. The team can easily share policies, monitor endpoints and email activity, and access logs or security events.

“Management through the Infinity Portal lets us manage security efficiently and cost effectively,” said Chung. “We can devote team members to other, more strategic IT projects because Check Point Harmony automates security administration, monitoring, and response tasks.”

Threat Intelligence Empowers Teams
Harmony is powered by revolutionary AI engines and Check Point ThreatCloud, the industry’s most extensive threat intelligence network. Through the Infinity Portal’s security operations center, Chung’s team receives deep attack intelligence and visibility into the company’s overall threat posture with 100% certainty. An automated forensics capability monitors and records endpoint events, including affected files, processes launched, system registry changes, and network activity to create detailed forensic reports.

“Built-in reporting capabilities give us the insight needed to identify high-risk endpoints and account users,” said Chung. “This is helpful for maintaining a strong security posture over time.”

With Check Point Harmony defending Regina Miracle’s endpoints and users, the company has elevated its security posture while simplifying overall management and threat response. Now, as the threat landscape continues to evolve, Chung and his team are confident that their security defenses evolve with it.

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