Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Welcome to Check Point’s ESG Site

Our values and standards are expressed and reflected in our actions, performance, guidelines and policies across all Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects. In this Site you can find information on our ESG activities and Corporate Social Responsibility over the past year.

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Our Commitment

Check Point is committed to making the world a safer and more secure place. In the digital era, this commitment applies to our work both on the internet and the physical world alike.

As we aspire to achieve a more sustainable future for all, we set out the following practices and guidelines which our employees and stakeholders are expected to adhere to.

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How we value each other

We believe in creating a more sustainable future for our stakeholders and for the world. We are extremely involved in the community and we invest greatly in volunteering and donations activities in an attempt to make the world a better place.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Investment

Human Resources

How we value ourselves

The most important asset of our company is our human capital. We promote a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment. Our goal is to create a diverse work environment and additionally we Invest greatly in the training and development of our employees.

Human Rights
Diversity and Equality
Training and Employee Development
Anti-Slavery Policy (New)

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How we value what is right

Check Point promotes core values of honest and ethical conduct, integrity, open communication, equal opportunity and diversity.

Code of Ethics (Updated)
Privacy Policy
Whistleblower (Updated)
Insider Trading
Anti Bribery


How we value our surroundings

We take an active part in helping to ensure the sustainability of the world’s resources and environment.

Environmental Policy
Conflict Minerals

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Supply Chain

How we value the process

We assure the high standards of our supply chain conduct by ensuring that the working conditions in our operations and supply chain are safe and that business operations are conducted ethically.

Supply Chain Code of Conduct
Supply Chain Policy

Corporate Governance

How we value our method

We have adopted corporate governance guidelines to assist our Board in carrying out its responsibilities and serving the interests of our company and its shareholders.

Corporate Governance Guidelines
Customer Service
Corporate Governance Articles & Committees

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